How to point out a good Singapore Payroll Service Provider:

  1. Many service providers use payroll programmes that are not derived from Singapore. As a result, any new changes in regulations require communication with overseas companies which may result in delays and unforeseen changes. It is advisable to use providers with a local Singaporean support base.
  1. Use a payroll company with many years of experience so that the payroll process will be fully compliant with CPF and IRAS regulations.
  1. Use Web base payroll software which allows for comfort and convenience when employees are constantly on the move. For example, while you are on the train , if you need to apply urgent leave , you can still work using your mobile.
  1. Quality staff: meet the actual staff that is being assigned to perform the payroll task for your company. You can tell whether the staff is up to mark to perform your important tasks.
  1. Employees need to get pay on time, and with issues like files getting too big to transfer via email, a nearby payroll company will come in handy.
  1. Use a payroll company that have tight control on confidential data. A good payroll software will have tight backend setting, where by each employee‘s access right to the payroll system is set tightly and they can only access their own data.
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