Payroll Self Service

Using a secure web-based portal, payroll self-service enables your staff to submit their claims and track their leave approval status online. It provides a convenient access using a browser anytime from anywhere. Whenever an employee logs in to ESS, they can view their previous pay slips as well. The current month’s pay advice will be automatically saved on this system to ensure easy reviews and download.

Why Do You Need Employee Self-Service?

When you need to eliminate unnecessary data entries in your company, rely on employee or payroll self-service supported by us. With this system, employees can apply for their claims by specifying details and amount in the given fields. This application will be automatically routed to the approving manager for further action. It reduces time-consuming manual updates. Here, reminders are displayed on individual dashboard for leave applications that aren’t approved.

Apart from submitting e-claims and paperless leave applications, this system also allows online expense claims for employees. They can submit applications for approval of their reimbursement claims through this system. It reduces hassles of manual filing and managing status updates of the claims.

Applicants are automatically informed about claims settled and available balances in their accounts. The entire process can be easily monitored by managers through the same system.

Services That We Offer:

When it comes to managing employee self-service systems, we ensure compliance with necessary regulations. It helps to streamline this process. The scope of our services includes:

  • We enable timely creation, editing, and submission of attendance sheets through a mobile app or web portal for every shift. These sheets are automatically available for approval by the managers.
  • Bring more transparency in scheduling procedures using our employee self-service portal for proactive communications.
  • Maintain timely employee calendar with information related to available, unapproved, and approved leaves.
  • Employees can access, view, and download their pay slips directly from the mobile app or online portal.

Our teams directly interact with clients using efficient cloud-based portal. We also ensure multi-level security and access control to the employee self-service payroll system. To learn more about this service, please call our executive today!

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