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Tn Online Payroll Pte Ltd caters to companies of all sizes in Singapore since 2004. We ensure professional administration, absolute confidentiality, and consistent and timely delivery in all of our payroll services. Let us help you take care of your people, so you can focus on consistently achieve productivity and profitability targets for your business.

In today’s fast-paced business environment where organisations are striving towards productivity and cost-efficiency, organisations are becoming increasingly reliant on a payroll company to enhance their HR & Payroll processes.

For many businesses, payroll outsourcing offer an attractive and valuable alternative to in-house processing. With the correct payroll consultant, they provide a less expensive, simpler means of paying your employees, filing your CPF and other statutory deductions, and performing a host of other duties.

If you are the owner of a very small company and you are trying to do payroll on your own, the cost of your time is even greater. By selecting the right payroll company, you can depend on your payroll service provider to process and take the entire process of payroll off of your desk. Do what you do best and make payroll outsource a way of efficient business operation!

Payroll preparation is time-consuming, messy, and confusing especially for a non-accounting practitioner. Join the club of MNCs and let us handle your payroll for you, from $10 per employee per month.



The fee quoted is net price , no other hidden fee like year end processing fee , no printing or other fee

Benefits of payroll outsourcing:

● streamline your process and simplify your administration
● save costs on hiring a full time payroll master
● No need to purchase your own payroll software (which can be very expensive!)
● No need to keep up with the latest rules and regulations – we’ll take care of that.
● No need to waste man-hours on retraining new employees on payroll administration
● Log in and check on your payroll from anywhere in the world

Don’t run the risks of confidentiality breaches, late payroll accounting, or incorrect payroll crediting. Let the experts handle it for you, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Our Suite of payroll outsourcing services include:

  • Payroll Computation , including pay items’ calculation based on statutory requirements and company policies
  • New hire processing
  • Resignation/Termination processing
  • Preparation & filing of monthly CPF contributions
  • Payslip Preparation
  • Submission of IR8A and IR21 income tax forms
  • Electronic submission for NS Men Make-Up Pay, Maternity and Child Care Claims
  • Filing of year-end income
  • Standard and Customized Reports

Any and all information processed by us will be kept in a separate server with an auto-backup facility. This means that you will never have to worry about data breaches from us, and that you will always be able to recover your data easily.

PLUS: Partner with us to get huge savings on essential payroll setup requirements:

1. Licensing for payroll software and costs for upgrade and maintenance.
2. Hardware for dedicated payroll computer, printer, and payslip.

Take advantage of our affordable services now. Get a free quote from us by filling in our form on the right, or just call Tony at 98267448 / 64388741


Package ( A) for Full Payroll Service : employee salary are mostly fixed

No. Of Employees 1-30: S$12 per head per month

31-100: S$9 per head per month

Above 100 enployee: fee can be discussed

Package (B ) for Full Payroll Service : there are Overtime , commission & etc calculation involved

No. Of Employees 1- 30 : S$20 per head per month

31- 100 : S$12 per head per month

Above 100 enployee : fee can be discussed

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