Are you starting a new business?

Or you are planning to expand and go global?

Both ways, you will need global hr software commonly known as Human Resource Management System (HRMS).You are not always going to work for your local clients, somewhere you will want to expand and go global. And with your current HR software, the expansion may seem problematic.

Simple hr software will help you administer your local employees and keeps track of local tasks. But what if you go global in the future? Would your regular hr software be able to cope up with global standards? The answer is NO!!

When you go global, you deal with different currencies, legislatures, languages, and a lot more. So, to bring everyone under one roof you will need global hr software.

Still not satisfied? Here are a few reasons why you should go for global hr software Singapore to help you make your mind.

1. Ensures Consistent Services to Employees all Over

When you have global hr software for all your employees at different locations, it creates a feeling that all your employees are under one umbrella. This means they all have the same management and everyone will be treated equally. Moreover, the entire data is consistent and in a single format. This means the managers have a better insight into the database.

You might be thinking that different countries have different hiring and termination and the same hr system for all countries will create problems.

Don’t worry!! The global hr software Singapore is fully capable of adapting to different legislations. Hence, your hr processes will not be affected.

2. Saves Time and Energy

If you have different software at different offices your hr’s job is a lot difficult. Different systems have different functionalities so your hr should be well-versed in all of this software. He would have to spend a lot of time and energy in understanding these functionalities and explain them to your employees using different software.

One global hr software would save time and energy both. All employees will log into one global software and there will be no extra efforts required to sync multiple databases or create integrations for disparate software.

3. A single Database for All

If you have one office in Singapore and one in Malaysia and both offices have their own separate database, imagine how difficult it would be to update information. You will have to manually update data at both databases and there the more manual you keep things the more there are chances of replication and human errors.

Global hr software, however, enables you to keep a single database of all your employees at different locations. Moreover, you only need to update data once and it will be updated at all locations. No need of extra effort to manually update the database at different offices.

4. Better Reporting and Analytics

Globalization has made manual reporting and analytics a lot difficult for HR managers. One has to pull out a number of spreadsheets from different locations and match the data and then develop the report.

Doesn’t it sound like a lot of effort just to develop a simple report?

Yes, it is and the manual process is also prone to errors which if arise will take you back several days. The global hr software makes all this hard work a lot easier and you can generate reports with just a few clicks. Moreover, some global hr software also has built-in analytics tools which will make save a lot of time.  And all of this is possible because of one single database of the entire global organization.

5. Easy Compliance

Nowadays, regulatory authorities have strict compliance rules. There is a lot that needs to be taken care of or taken into account before initializing the hiring or termination process. And with increasing compliance issues, the HR officials’ work burden is increasing day by day.

However, if you choose global hr software, all of this compliance workload and issues will be resolved. The automated system will make the compliance process easier and will provide you audit trails.

6. It will Save you Money

You might not believe it but global hr software Singapore will save your hard-earned money.

It’s simple!! When you have multiple hr systems at different offices, you will pay them separately. Also, you will hire separate officials to handle those software and systems. But with global hr software, you will save on hiring separate officials, buying several contracts, and paying for separate licenses. Not only this, you will have some intangible saving in the shape of better communication between employees and lesser human errors.

7. Helps you Grow

Do you know the global hr system not only makes your hr processes easier it also helps you grow?

Many companies start small but it does not mean they will not grow. You might expand to different countries in the next few years. With global hr software, you will not have to worry about different employment legislation in different countries. Global hr software has built-in support for international employment, taxation, and payroll management. This will allow you to set up international offices with ease.

Moreover, the built-in reports and analytics functionalities make your hr’s job easier. With automated and accurate reporting and analytics, they will be better able to focus on more important issues than generating manual reports and analyzing them.

We hope our blog has been successful in clearing your doubts regarding global hr software. And now you are looking for the best global hr software. Don’t worry!! We got you covered here also. At Tn Online Payroll Pte Ltd, we aim to help you take care of your people, so you can focus on consistently achieve productivity and profitability targets for your business. Feel free to  Contact us to book an appointment.



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